To present life skills that will aid, guide and direct young people to the abilities which will enable them to become well rounded adults. Citizenship, civic and cultural awareness is thought to develop well rounded Americans.


  • Life Skills Training
  • GED Practice & Testing
  • ACT/SAT Preparation
  • Social Interactions
  • Work Readiness
  • Self Reliance
  • ​Citizenship


The L.I.S.T. Academy teachers are licensed  by the state. Many also have certifications or licenses for specific areas and disciplines. 

​The L.I.S.T. Academy ​​​​Programs

L.I. S.T. Program Topics  (Life Improvement Skills Training)

1. Basic Education Review of the LIST Program
    Participants without a High School Education or Student Assessments Equivalent will be referred to a GED and or college bound counselor
    Understanding the LIST Program (development of a team spirit, sharing the responsibilities of the program: expenses of  food and rent)  Cooperation,                       Consideration, Collaboration,  Student assessment of reading ability reviewed and reading list distributed

2. Hearing, Listening and Conveying Your Feelings, Thoughts and Ideas
    Conflict Resolution and Living with Others in a Peaceful Environment,  Anger Management Rejection, Frustrationsand Coping with Disappointment, Expectations     Statistics: Beating the Odds, Negative Behaviors and their Consequences

 3. Basic Computer Skills
     Microsoft Office,  Microsoft Certification (ongoing training as needed) 
4. Life and Its Challenges
    Facing the Responsibilities of Adulthood: Attitudes  Chronological verses Emotional Age,  Self Esteem, Behavior Patterns, Good and Bad Habits how they are         formed Discipline, Focus and Skills Sets, Fear - How does it affect you,  Goal Setting and Behavior Modifications (me attitudes, entitlements, negativity 

5. Proper Attire for  Job Interviews
     Appearance and Presentation,  (Shopping and getting the most for your money, Proper Speech for Job Interviews and the Workplace
     Conduct, Building and maintaining a resume, The Job Application, Filling out a job application, Job Skills Evaluation and Training  
     Computer Literacy, Determining your strengths and weaknesses while preparing for the workplace

7.  The Job Search
      Developing good job skills the compute, How to search for a position internet skills, The Job Interview / Basic Job Skills i.e. Basic Computer, 

      Presentation: how to sell yourself

8. Personal Health (inside and out)
    Personal hygiene, the dentist, doctor, physical exercise and their place in a healthy lifestyle, Established links to health care providers in area
    Health Your Life, Cleanliness, Diet and Good Nutrition, Knowledge of Your Body,  Healthy Thinking/ Emotions: Joy, Sadness, Anger and Disappointment,                  What is Eating At  Me

9. Etiquette, When, Where and How
    Cursing and Cussin, Courtesy, Decency, Tonality,  Awkwardness, Gut Feelings, Discernment (Judging a Situation, Workplace Etiquette, Positive Personal and         Professional Attitudes, Dress, Workplace Demeanor, Courtesy, Conversations Saying What You Mean, Politeness, Candor and Attitude conveying your                     thoughts into words, Gossip, Meanderings,

10. Budgeting and Bills, Paying
      Setting up a Budget that will afford you the opportunity to take care of your obligations and develop a nest egg, Saving Money the importance of Saving for               the Future, Investing In Your Future, Bank Accounts, property  investments, Learning about Stocks, Bonds and Treasury notes

11. Goal Setting for Self Improvement Judgments and Judging,
      Peer Pressure, Negative Environments, Evaluating what you want to do now and in the future, Realistic Planning,  Pushing pass the Fear and Rejection,                   Evaluating Needs and Wants: Separating needs from wants and addressing each
      Directing Goals to achieve positive results, Starting, Working Through and Completing a Task

12.  Citizenship

       The Constitution, Democracy or Republic, Responsibilities of Citizenship, Voting, Preserving Democracy, Voter Rights, Campaigns and their Significant,                    Propaganda,  Brainwashing, Mind Control, Doubt, Skepticism, Totalitarianism, Dictatorship, Autocracy,  Cults, Interpretations,  George Orwell's 1984, Bullying,          Truth or Fiction, Free Will, Misogyny, Nepotism, Police Brutality, Hate Groups, Skepticism, Pessimism, Social Awareness, Narcissism, Political Philosophies.